PowerSuite data details and update frequency

Each PowerSuite product has different core data and update frequencies.


  • State and Federal bills
  • Energy specific bill policy categories
  • Updates every 4 hours
  • Historical bills going back to the 2012-2013 sessions 


  • All regulated utility proceedings that are electronically filed at state PUCs
    • i.e. Electric, Gas, Pipeline Safety, Water, Waste Water, Transportation, Rail and Telecom Utilities
  • We convert scanned documents into searchable PDFs
  • Updates every 24 hours
  • Any docket that has been active since January, 2012 is present in our system. For example, if a docket was opened in 2005 but has been active since 2012, we have recent and all historical filings available in our system.


  • A curated list of dockets organized by category
  • Email newsletter released every two weeks
  • AEE DocketDigest insights also available on the individual DocketDash pages


  • Primary content curated by a team of analysts with monthly updates
  • Energy and pricing data updated every day
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